• Alexander Spit – A Breathtaking Trip To That Otherside

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    Decon is proud to present Los Angeles-based rapper/producer Alexander Spit's debut commercial full length, A Breathtaking Trip To That Otherside. As the name suggests, the album is an exercise in psychedelia from a consummate Californian, characterized by tales of women, weed, and whips seemingly scrawled on blotter paper.


    1. Black Magic On Blue Magic
    2. Ride (Chicken Wit The Odds)
    3. GREAT SCOTT!!!
    4. That's Spit / Space Echoes
    5. A Breathtaking Trip feat. BAGO
    6. NRML Ave Interlude
    7. B.N.E. Remix feat. E-40 & Mr. MFN Exquire
    8. Coastal / Hyperion
    9. Lakes
    10. Getaway Car feat. The Alchemist
    11. Vodka Interlude
    12. Artesia feat. Action Bronson
    13. Pulp 2013 / Heroin Chic
    14. Cinema Interlude
    15. Honeymoon In A Motel Room
    16. Sluts Kiss French
    17. Death By 27


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